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Fly 4 Fun
Fly with us with a tandem paraglider in Fassa Valley

Imagine how it would be to take off with a simple run, the paraglider rises gently behind you and in an instant you are flying, no engine, no noise, just the sliding of the air over the sail, in the breathtaking scenery which only the Val di Fassa Dolomites can offer

Slider-fly4fundolomites-Parapendio-Tandem-Sella02 Slider-fly4fundolomites-Parapendio-Tandem-Sella01 Slider-fly4fundolomites-Parapendio-Tandem-Sassolungo02
Friedrich August, un Rifugio di storia e tradizione
Hotel Valacia
Rifugio Micheluzzi, benvenuti a casa vostra
Dolomitestaxi, un servizio di qualità
Rifugio Des Alpes, vista panoramica dal Col Rodella sulla Val di Fassa e Val Gardena
Baita Ischia, Ristorante pizzeria a Campitello di Fassa
Rifugio Fredarola, per la tua giornata sugli sci od escursione in alta quota
Garnì Letizia, l’accoglienza formato famiglia


No previous flight experience is necessary, just contact us, and the Fly 4 Fun crew will take care of everything. The necessary clothing changes with the season. In winter, we recommend ski clothing, in summer, high mountain hiking gear.

As soon as you arrive at take-off, a short briefing explaining take-off and landing procedures will be given. There is nothing complicated, the pilot will harness the passenger, give him a helmet and provide the necessary instructions for the take-off run.

Just like that, we are flying! Now enjoy the trip, and do not worry about the landing, you will see it is very easy indeed

We are just a few meters from the ground. You are not required to do anything but to keep your feet up high. We will land sliding on the padding of our harnesses. Easy right? See you in flight!!

How you do it?

Tandem paragliding is easy


Why choose Fly 4 Fun ASD

Suitable for everyone

It does not matter if you have already flown or if it is the first time: Fly 4 Fun offers various types of flight, from a short glide to distance flying

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We record your flight

On request, we will film your flight with our full HD GoPro cameras, just ask your pilot upon take-off

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Up to 4 persons at a time

Currently the association has 4 tandem transport enabled pilots. Do you want to share your flight experience with your family or friends? With Fly 4 Fun your dream becomes reality!

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Slide Where you find us Via Pent de Sera
Campitello di Fassa

Address Open all year round
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