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FunFly 4 Fun ASD is a CSEN affiliated amateur sports association, a sports promotion body recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee). The founding idea of Fly4Fun ASD was to enable local tandem transport enabled pilots to team up and together promote paragliding in Val di Fassa. Through sharing this fascinating discipline, we aim at bringing people closer to this amazing sport. You can choose to just fly with us and get to know us, or you might decide to join our association and thus take advantage of many discounts on out tandem flights, remain up to date on all the paragliding activities of our and other associations in the region. We do not organize paragliding courses (yet we can refer you to a local flight school) however our activity allows you to familiarize with this wonderful discipline. Our pilots can take you on the journey which ranges from the first simple glided flights, which allow you to experience the thrill of flight for the first time, up to long distance XC flights, which open the door to the most intense emotions. If you choose to fly with us, you will help keeping the hearth of this discipline beating in Val di Fassa, enabling us to continue to transmit it to everyone who wants to experience this unique emotion. Find out who we are at Fly 4 Fun



My name is Gabriele and I have been flying since 2009. My flight career begins in the meadows of Pera di Fassa, accompanied by some friends. There, fascinated by those who were more experienced than we were, we were trying to inflate our sails for the first time, making out first attempts at taking of the ground and ground-handling the gliders. In 2009 I obtained my pilot licence at the flying school Delta Club Dolada in Pieve d’Alpago, eventually graduating to the qualification for tandem transport in 2011. Since then I have enjoyed flying, especially with friends, while transmitting this passion to them. What you feel in this fantastic sport is indescribable. Trying it here in the scenery of our Dolomites, is an experience that has no equal... Good flights to all...

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Paragliding pilot since 2013, I started my flying career here in Val di Fassa. After flying over the highest and most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites for many times, I felt the need to transmit this passion of mine to others as well. Thus, since 2017, after taking the transport exam, I started flying tandem

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Pilota di parapendio dal 2013, ho iniziato a volare qui in val di Fassa e, dopo aver sorvolato per tante volte le cime più alte e più belle delle Dolomiti, ho deciso di provare a trasmettere questa mia passione anche agli altri. E così dal 2017, dopo aver conseguito l’esame di parapendio biposto ho iniziato a volare in tandem

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